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Andorran Mortgages

A service from www.MortgageShop.com the online mortgage information and application processing system.

If you are considering purchasing a property in Andorra, Andorran Mortgages are usually available for most nationalities for either residential House Purchase or re-financing for Home Improvements and some other purposes agreed on an individual basis.

Mortgages in Andorra are available on a Repayment (capital and interest) and Interest only

There is a minimum loan of 30,000 however no maximum, but must not exceed 70% of property valuation or purchase price. Apply to us for your Andorra Mortgage.

Proof of Income: required in all cases (can be made up of Earned Income, Pension, Investment or Rental Income. Please note however, it is not always the case that the Lender will take all or part of these Incomes into account when determining the maximum loan available). Non-Status loans are currently not available.

Term: 5 to 30 years up to age 70


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